Bookkeeping Services 

Bookkeeping services

It's important for any business, regardless of size to "know the numbers" or as Warren Buffet once said "accounting is the language of business"

It's not second nature for everyone to be interested in the minutiae of the numbers as entrepreneurs tend to prefer to get on with the exciting stuff of business growth and seeing their ideas turn into reality. The sad reality though is businesses often fail, not because the business idea was flawed but because they ran out of money and this is why bookkeeping is so important. 

Bookkeepers are a different breed because we are excited by the numbers, it's what we do every day. It's the support we give and the results we help you to achieve that drives us. 

We get into the detail that can often be overlooked. It's easy to see that a large spend on some machinery or consultancy work but often the small things get missed or end up in the "other" column. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying... 
"Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship".  
We find those leaks so they can be plugged which is particularly important for smaller or start up businesses as there always seems to be pressure to spend rather than invest. 

Our Other Services 


As a Limited Company you will need to run a payroll system. This isn't simply to ensure people, including yourself get paid but also to keep on top of tax and national insurance both personal and business. 

Financial Accounts 

We can prepare your financial accounts, cash flow forecasts, profit and loss statements, balance sheets etc. 

VAT Services 

There will be situations where registering for VAT, even as a start up may be beneficial. We can help you better understand this option. 

Self Assessments 

Often people aren't aware of things that can be claimed against their tax bill and they end up paying too much tax. 

Cloud Software 

Behind Every Successful Business there is a great Bookkeeper with Accounting Software 

Get in Touch 

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Keeping you track and helping you steer towards your longer term goals is what we do. 

Call us on 01908 112105 for an initial discussion on how we can help your business thrive. 
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