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Self Assessments 

Staying on target

Sole traders and company directors need to complete a self assessment tax return each year.  

Anyone can complete their own self assessment return and submit this to HMRC. 
For a bookkeeper this isn't difficult if we have all of your information to hand but we find that some people struggle with the intricacies of the return. As result they spend too much valuable time completing the documentation. Often people aren't aware of things that can be claimed against their tax bill and they end up paying too much tax. 
Self assessments also are rarely top of your priority list so they tend to get left to the last minute and if late this can result in a fine. 
If you have a good bookkeeper they will make sure you meet the deadline and you have the funds to pay your tax and thereby maximise the tax allowances that are available to you. 

Our Other Services 


As a Limited Company you will need to run a payroll system. This isn't simply to ensure people, including yourself get paid but also to keep on top of tax and national insurance both personal and business. 

Financial Accounts 

We can prepare your financial accounts, cash flow forecasts, profit and loss statements, balance sheets etc. 

VAT Services 

There will be situations where registering for VAT, even as a start up may be beneficial. We can help you better understand this option. 


Bookkeepers are a different breed because we are excited by the numbers, it's what we do every day. 

Cloud Software 

Behind Every Successful Business there is a great Bookkeeper with Accounting Software 

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