There are moments in your life when the time is right to just step back and re-evaluate what’s important to you. The experience you’ve gained is always a valuable asset and is often worth sharing. This situation has happened several times for Renu Elston, the founder of Profectus, and this is her story. 
The early formative years 
Renu went to university and studied Biology and Maths. Her fascination with sciences started at an early age and maths was always a subject that excited her. This love for numbers was nurtured right here, at the beginning. 
When the time came to find a job, she worked within an accounts department, helping with year-end accounts and bookkeeping. This was followed by various account management jobs, but coming from a family that has many entrepreneurs, there was a driving force already instilled. This entrepreneurial spirit in Renu would surface time and time again as working life continued. 
Life-changing events 
When Renu became a mother, she felt she wanted to spend as much time as she could with her child. To help her do this she decided to work for herself and invested in a franchise for teaching children music and movement. It was incredibly rewarding being able to teach children. And the reality was this move that didn’t take her too far away from the numbers because it’s a great way to teach maths by using rhythms and beats. 
During this time, Renu was in a position to learn about every aspect of being a franchisee and loved the way these types of businesses operate. There are so many different elements needed to run a successful business and this was an opportunity to learn about them. She was able to delve into customer engagement, compliance, planning and of course the familiar territory of finances. 
Starting to share this expertise 
The next move was to work at the Open University (OU) with post-graduate students. Renu was responsible for encouraging students across the university to partner with businesses to for Knowledge Transfer. This was one of two schemes that were run by Santander. In addition to this scheme, there was also the Santander University Awards. 
This was a UK wide competition giving students from 60 different universities, an opportunity to win different grants. Renu’s job was to work with the students on their applications. One of the OU students became a runner up. 
This type of exposure gave Renu direct experience of working with businesses and provided valuable insights that would help her on the next part of her journey. 
The impact of a global event 
Enter the global pandemic and something that has shaped the lives of so many people. This was another opportunity to re-evaluate what was important, draw on her experience and make the next move towards doing something she loved. Managing the financial aspects of a business was where her heart lay. The buzz is all about exploring the detail behind the numbers and building the story. 
And so, Profectus was created and so began the next chapter. The name sums it all up very nicely - it’s Latin and means progress, increase, growth, profit and success. Everything you want to achieve if you’re running a business and the values that are embedded in this business. 
Creating a professional outlook and being connected to the world of accountancy was the next challenge. But not just in what Profectus does and how it’s said but in what you see. The website is full of mountain imagery, representing the climb every business must make to become successful. Profectus is there to help you do this, achieve the results you want and grow. 
Have you had any life-changing moments that’s led you to where you are today? 
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